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Water Cooler Accessories
Cooler Sanitisation Kit.

Cooler Sanitisation Kit

Industry Regulations demand that all Bottled Water Coolers should be sanitised every 3 months and Mains Fed Coolers every 6 months. The  CoolerClear Kit consists of 1 litre of CoolerClear Rinse and a 100cc bottle of CoolerClear Spray, protective gloves and full instructions.

How to sanitise your Water Cooler



DIY Plumbing and Filter Kit for Mains Fed Water Coolers
DIY Plumbing and Filter Kit The DIY Installation & Filter Kit includes everything that is required to connect a Mains Fed Water Cooler at a site where mains water is within 5 metres and a 13amp socket is within 1.5 meters. Plumbing and Filter Kit Details.

How to install your Mains Fed Water Cooler



Replacement Filter for Mains Fed Water Coolers

Replacement Filter Kit

To ensure that your Mains Fed Water Cooler delivers the best possible quality of drinking water, the Water Filter should be replaced every 6 months. Replacing a Filter is simple when having previously used our DIY Plumbing and Filter Kit for Installation. Detailed information on Mains Fed Installation. Our filter consists of a Ceramic (Doulton) Mantle and a Carbon Rod. The Ceramic Mantle acts as a barrier to Cryptosporidium and other Cysts. On the rare occasion that your Water Utility has issued a "Boil Notice" because of Cryptosporidium contamination of the supply you can continue to use your Mains Fed Water Cooler until you exchange the Filter and sanitise at your convenience.

Detailed Technical Information

Detailed information on "Boil notices" and Sanitising.



Sourcing Bottles of Water for your Bottled Water Cooler

  We have appointed a number of local suppliers of bottles of water. To find your nearest supplier, click here.  
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