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Frequently Asked Questions

Mains Fed Coolers (also called POU)

A water cooler that is plumbed directly in to the mains water supply

Bottled Water Coolers

A water cooler that uses standard 18litre bottles of water

How Many Bottles Will I Use?

An average figure, during warm weather periods, is 2 bottles per week for every 10 members of staff

Is there a taste difference between Mains and Bottled water?

No! The mains water is filtered to remove the taste and smell of chlorine and becomes indistinguishable from Bottled Water. (Some Bottled Waters are in fact filtered mains water).

Is Mains Water safer or less safe than Bottles Water?

UK mains water meets the highest quality and safety standards and is tested more regularly than Bottled Water.

Cold Water Capacity in Mains Fed Water Coolers

Our Mains Fed Water Coolers can supply 18 litres of water per hour, chilled to 4C to 12C (depending on incoming water temperature)

Water Cooler Power Consumption

Typically 85 watts during cooling

How Long Does It Take To DIY Install a Mains Fed Water Cooler?

It should take around 45 minutes to install your new Mains Fed Water Cooler provided a mains supply is within 5 mtrs and a power point within 1.5 mtrs

And a Bottled Water Cooler?

It should take around 10 minutes provided the power point is within 1.5mtrs


To avoid harmful bacterial growth, Water Coolers should be regularly sanitised. Bottled Water Coolers should be sanitised every 3 months, POU Coolers every 6 months. Sanitising is different from cleaning - it involves effectively sterilising all water contact services inside the Cooler as well as the taps.

Sanitising your Water Cooler

Filter Exchange on Mains Water Coolers

Industry standard Carbon Filters remove the chlorine taste and smell from the mains water. Some Filters, such as the Filters supplied with our Plumbing and Filter Kit go one step further. Our Filter consists of a Ceramic Mantle (Doulton) with a Carbon Block Rod. The pores of the Ceramic are so fine that they effectively block the passage of Cryptosporidium and other Cysts. This allows the continued use of the Filter during a Cryptosporidium contamination of the mains water supply.

Replacement Filters


Do Filters Remove Scale?

No. unless you use very expensive filters (and even they are not 100%). However scale is not a major problem with cold water systems, unlike for Boilers.

How many Filters Does One Need?

Only one. Some companies will suggest a pre- and post- filter installation to filter out sediments and other impurities. This is generally not necessary in the UK but in any case our Ceramic Mantle Filter is even finer than the finest pre-filter on the market


A silver impregnated plastic spout on the 4400X Executive range of Water Coolers to reduce the risk of hand-to-tap contamination.


The WRAS standard has been created to protect the mains water supply from contamination and waste. It therefore concerns mainly the connection of POU Coolers to the mains. Our Plumbing and Filter Kit is WRAS approved. We have also gone one step further and obtained WRAS approval for our 3300X and 4400X POU and Bottled Water Coolers.

WRAS approval is required for most government tenders.

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