Nationwide Mains Fed Water Cooler Installation Service

Although it is very easy for your in house plumber or any handyman to install a Mains Fed Water Cooler, we can offer an Installation Service at a cost of £90.00 provided mains potable drinking water* is within 5 metres of “clear sight” and a 13 amp power plug is within 1.5 metres.

A standard installation will not take more than 1 hour, and this is covered by the installation charge. Should the installation require longer than 1 hour, because pipework etc needs to be re-run etc, we reserve the right to invoice you for each additional ¼ hour work at a cost of £30.00.

The process of installation will work as follows.

a)       you purchase a standard installation from us, together with your cooler 

b)       we will send the cooler which includes a complete installation kit to you

c)       at the same time we will instruct our installer to get in touch with you to
    arrange installation. Installation will take place within 7 to 10 working days

£ 90.00 + VAT 

I confirm that

  • A potable supply of mains water is within 5mtrs clear site of my proposed Water Cooler Location

  • A 13amp power socket is within 1.5 mtrs of my proposed Water Cooler Location

  • The Water Cooler is not being installed in a Hospice, Care Home, School or Computer Room. If you are wanting to use a mains Fed Water Cooler in one of these locations, please call us on 0800 0273101 before placing your order

It is a legal requirement that Mains connected Water Coolers are only connected to potable drinking water.

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