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Sanitising Instructions for Bottled and Mains Fed Water Coolers

Industry Regulations demand that all Bottled Water Coolers are sanitised every three months and Mains Fed Water Coolers are sanitised every six months.

There is a fundamental difference between cleaning and sanitising. Cleaning involves the removal of visual dirt, sanitising destroys any bacterial contamination.

There are a number of Sanitising Systems/Solutions on the market, but one of the simplest methods is contained in our Sanitising Kit. The Sanitising Kit contains a buffered Hydrogen Peroxide solution (CoolerClear Rinse and CoolerClear Spray) which effectively destroys bacteria. It is not harmful to humans and has little taste or smell.

To sanitise a Bottled Water Cooler:
1. Remove the bottle
2. Remove the top cover of your Bottled Cooler (two screws at the back) to open up the
    water reservoir.
3. Pour 25 ml of CoolerClear Rinse into the water in the tank and allow a little bit to drain
    out of both front taps (to ensure that the CoolerClear Rinse penetrates into the pipes
   and taps).
4. Spray all water contact areas above the water line with CoolerClear Spray. Spray the
     taps and inside the tap nozzle with CoolerClear Spray.
5. Allow the CoolerClear to work on all surfaces for 5 minutes.
6. Replace the top cover and Water Bottle, and flush the tank through with fresh water
   2 x to remove all residual CoolerClear. The Bottled Cooler is now sanitised.
To sanitise a Mains Fed Water Cooler:
1. Remove the top cover of your Mains Fed Cooler (two screws at the back)
2. Remove the lid of the water tank to open up the water reservoir
3/5 Repeat points 3 to 5 for Bottled Coolers
6. Replace water tank lid and top cover of the POU Cooler and flush the tank
   through with fresh water 2 x to remove all residual CoolerClear. The POU Cooler is now

Order Cooler Clear Sanitising Kit for £24.00

Cryptosporidium and Mains Fed Water Coolers
In the rare event that your Water Authority issues a Boil Notice because of Cryptosporidium contamination, proceed as follows.

If you are using our Ceramic/Carbon Filter which comprises of a Ceramic Mantle (Doulton) with a Carbon Block Centre, the Ceramic Mantle will block the passage of Cryptosporidium and other cysts and you can continue to use your Mains Fed Water Cooler during the Cryptosporidium outbreak. You can change the Filter and sanitise at the next opportunity.

If you do not have our Ceramic/Carbon Block Filter, stop using the Mains Fed Water Cooler immediately.

Once the Boil Notice is lifted, sanitise the Water Cooler and replace the filter before re-commissioning the Cooler.

Different Sanitising Techniques
a) Chemicals, such as CoolerClear Rinse and CoolerClear Spray are the most widely
    used Sanitising Systems, because they are simple to use, effective, cost efficient and
    environmentally friendly.

b) Ultra Violet or Ozone Sanitising: These are inbuilt systems which sanitise 24/7. The
     disadvantages are

  • that these Coolers are considerably more expensive
  • that the UV light source needs to be exchanged regularly
  • that the UV light does not penetrate into pipes and taps
  • Both Cooler Trade Organisations insist that UV and Ozone Coolers require “manual” sanitising IN ADDITION every 6 or 12 months.

c) The Water Trail or Removable Water Tank: This involves the removal of the entire
     internal water system, every 3 or 6 months. The disadvantage is that every time the
     internal water system is disturbed (disconnected and re-connected) there is a risk of
     creating a leak. The commercial disadvantage is the cost and that one is “stuck” with a
     single supplier for Water Trails and Removable Tanks.

d) What about Direct Chill? All Bottled Water Coolers and most Mains Connected water
     Coolers use a water tank system. In the case of Mains Connected Water Coolers the
     water tank is sealed with an air tight lit which includes a 0.5 micron air filter.

    Direct Chill Is only available for Mains Connected water coolers. It has a totally sealed
    water tank and the claim is that this avoids the possibility of airborne contamination of
    the water. The problem is that there is

  • no evidence that airborne contamination is even a problem, and
  • the fact that there is no independently tested evidence that Direct Chill actually works. The counter argument is that it is impossible to properly sanitise a totally closed system, without opening it up to see what is going on inside.

 Another myth that has been promoted is that Direct Chill provides more cold water. This
 is totally untrue – it confuses the fact that a small amount of water will be chilled down
 quickly, but that these small amounts do not provide sufficient quantity over an hour to
 compete with the 3 litre cooling capacity of a conventional tank system.

e) What is Reverse Osmosis? R O is used in situations where the mains water is not of
    drinking quality or where the water is drawn from lakes, rivers or the sea. The process
    involves stripping the water of all minerals (which makes the water taste bland) and
    impurities. R O is a very energy hungry process and wastes between 2 and 3 litres of
    water for every litre of R O water it produces. It is for this reason that any R O installation
   requires prior approval by the local Water Authority.

     R O is not required in the British isles, where the mains water quality is of an excellent

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